Gestalt der Effizienz

A discussion of efficiency is indispensable for the architectural discourse. We want to show which factors influence contemporary architecture through efficiency. The focus is on social, political and economic issues and the expression they acquire in the built world. In the tension between capitalism and the ecology movement, architecture is the mirror of complex conflicts of interest. Can architecture become an actor again within the modern belief in efficiency?

The pavilion in the Giardini becomes a venue for structural efficiency. This may also include making it more energy efficient, insulating it. Visitors will be directly confronted with this development in the history of construction. Specifically, we want to show how, through the innovation of insulation, architecture has evolved from constructing to layering. Can the building practice of assembling and gluing that is common today give rise to a tectonics all of its own? One of horizontal layering?

Our contribution takes stock of how built efficiency characterizes and forms our living environments today, in order to open up a precious discourse on the value that efficiency will have with regard to the future of architecture.

Alex Lehnerer, Julian Brües,
Leonhard Panzenböck, Philipp Sternath

Venedig, IT