Katharina Hohenwarter, Arqta Dipl.-Ing.
currently holds a position as university assistant at the Institute of Integral Architecture at the Technical University of Graz and a lectureship at the Institute of Gebäudelehre und Entwerfen at the Technical University of Vienna. She is also member of the collective diskursiv

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Michael Hafner, Arqto Dipl.-Ing.
currently holds a position as university assistant and is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Entwerfen im Bestand und Denkmalpflege at the Technical University of Graz and is member of diskursiv

+43 660 5656454

Am Salvenberg

High above the Tyrolean village of Westendorf, on the steep southern slope of the Salvenberg, the house sits on the edge of a small hamlet. As elongated and at the same time as compact as possible in its cubature, the building follows the dynamics of the relief and uses the steep terrain.
The four levels follow a clear division into a serving and an upstream serviced room layer. This organization and the narrow cut of the floor plan allow for optimal orientation and opening of the rooms and thus maximum utilization of the lighting and view.
Vertically, the topography of the site determines the layering of the spatial program. While the two lower levels sit firmly in the stone, the floor above rises up from the slope and opens generously to the surroundings. The living area does not only have a direct relation to the exterior, but also creates a spatial, sculptural interweaving with the level above.

Westendorf, Tyrol, AT